Mangalarga Marchador

It can be said that the whole Fontarnisi adventure began with the horse. Barbara Caxambuense was the first Mangalarga Marchador horse, the flagship of the Brazilian horse breed. to trample Italian soil in Tagliacozzo about 8 years ago.


This filly was donated to celebrate the reunion of the descendants of the Brazilian branch of the Lollobrigida, to relatives who remained in Italy and originally from Tagliacozzo.


The credit certainly goes to the persevering research activity carried out by Domingos Junior De Souza Lollobrigida, scion of the progenitor Luigi (who migrated with his family to Brazil in 1891), an affirmed lawyer resident in Cruzilia in Minas Jerais and a passionate lover of the Mangalarga Marchador.


This breed, in Brazil, counts more than 600,000 specimens regularly reported in the national register, for more than 30,000 breeders gathered in the largest unique breed association known worldwide.


The love of the breeders and users for the Mangalarga Marchadhor stems from the strong qualities of these horses, docility, intelligence, resistance. These horses are distinguished by their typical gaits: the Marcha Batida and the Marcha Picada.


The Marcha Batida is a movement of the legs in four times where the diagonal bipeds and the triple support passages are predominant. When the side bipeds are predominant then one speaks of Marcha Batida.


In all, these types of Marcha the horse is always in contact with the ground: there are no moments of suspension from the ground and this guarantees the rider comfort and safety. With the Marcha the horse can reach up to 14-18 km / h speed.